The Roots of the Tree

The Roots of the TreeEver since Annie’s mother died she has been nursing her elderly father in her home, tending to his every need, and she is devastated when the inevitable happens and he too passes away. However, she is able to console herself with happy memories of a man who was always there for her and was perhaps the only man in her sixty-three-year life who never let her down. So when an inconsistency of wedding dates leads her to question every memory she holds dear, her whole life is shattered by the discovery that the man she spent her whole life looking up to was never her real father.

As Annie tries to negotiate the grief, anger and betrayal that she is experiencing, it falls to her eldest daughter, Suzie, to pursue the truth and delve into the controversial family past, hidden in secret letters, dusty war records and a neglected headstone. As Annie becomes less and less able to cope, the pressure for Suzie to deliver an explanation rises and she can only hope that the truth is enough to bring her mother back from the brink.

The Roots of the Tree is available from Amazon and other online retailers and it can be ordered from any bookshop – but you won’t find it on the bookshelves yet because like most new books from new authors there isn’t sufficient demand yet for them to stock it. I’m working on that!

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