Book reviews

Clear the decks and prepare for your heartstrings to be pulled

by Tracey Stewart-Fry
Book-lover and Music for Health therapist

‘The Roots of the Tree’ by first time novelist Amanda Roberts is a gripping tale of family, love and deceit, which I found impossible to put down. This may be Miss Roberts’ first novel, however she writes with the confidence and assurance of a best-selling author. [read more…]

When the past comes looking…

by Jazz Shaban

The Roots of the Tree, written by Amanda Roberts, is a fictional, but most likely based on real events, melodrama about a family thrown into turmoil upon the discovery that all is not what it seemed in the family archives. Annie had nursed both her beloved parents in the later years of their lives and had no reason to doubt her past. Yet in the days following her father’s funeral Annie makes a shocking discovery which brings into question all the memories she held dear. [read more…]

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